The Circle EP


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This album revolves around the concept of "full circle". Each song represents a different interpretation of the phrase. This is the first record featuring this line up. The sessions were recorded live to tape, the product represents a concentrated effort to infuse all of our individual styles to accomplish something we find musically rewarding.

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Thank yous:

Patrick - Pat, Nancy, Mitchell, Clayton, Spencer, Wayne, Kasandra, Zac, Zachary, Greg, Alex P., Alex G., Sergio at 247drums, Rand at Musicnomad, Vater, Evans/D'Addario, Paiste, Protection Racket Cases & Everyone Else.

Nishad - My unbelievably supportive family, the BC that backs me as well as the Bay, the beautiful Chy, Sharon Rea, Coach Pickert and his Son, my homies at the Pru for rebuilding me, and Alex Garcia-Rivera for pushing us past our boundaries. & most importantly, my band mates, who gave me an amazing opportunity I'll never forget. Pee Sucka Mcgee.

Dylan - My parents, Shane, Casey, Ryan M, Alex P, Cassie, Weeks, Phil, Devin, Zack, Sam, Joe, Hanson Guitars, Sovtek Amps, Alex Garcia Rivera, Friend's bands, Old friends and lost relationships and the talented crew I call my band.

Chance - Kanye West, Jim and Laura Wells


released July 15, 2014

Dylan Zobel - Guitar/Vocals
Nishad George - Guitar
Chance Wells - Bass/Vocals
Patrick Talesfore Jr. - Drums

Recorded at Mystic Valley Recording Studio
Mixed by Alex Garcia Rivera
Mastered by Zach Weeks



all rights reserved


FALL RISK Boston, Massachusetts

Heartfelt Punk band from Boston, MA

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Track Name: No. 1
I never understood why I can't keep my emotions in check
I'm always a wreck and I'm making a mess
About everything and everyone I've ever known

But I will try to let go of the past this time around
Its always bringing me down
And there's no one in my way but myself in the mirror
Who says don't go

I think about the past time and the chance to break routine
It's always so hard but it helps me be me
And I wish I could have said what was on my mind
Track Name: Lake County
Sit down, we've got to talk our way through this one
I know it really doesn't sound like fun
But this time its gunna be different

Just go with it, its gunna be the thing that we both need
A change of pace a different speed or
Something else or something new that never quite made sense before
Nothing makes sense anymore

The sun is out but it feels like it is ten degrees
Theres nothing here for me

I hurt my back on a patch of ice i didn't see
Do you remember its still ten degrees
Its been winter for ages and still nothing changes

The air hurts my lungs and I just want to breathe
And let out the things on my mind
When these days grow longer and the sidewalk clears
I'll keep the window open

Its been snowing since I woke up
I haven;t seen the sky in days
Its been snowing since I woke up
I can't breathe

The air hours my lungs and I just want to breathe
Track Name: Been This Way for Years
I’m walking down your street, well after midnight
And I’m wondering where you are
And I don’t know how much this road
Can take away from me
It’s been months since the time when I felt okay
It’s been years since we’ve been in the same place

I’ve been losing sleep about the future
And I’m not so sure of where to go
The roads aren’t clear to ride my bike
This town is caving in
I’ll never go down the street again
I want to go home, but I wait

The message here is being misread
Its not as bad as It may seem
But the world is bringing us down
Its been this way for years
I can’t pull myself together this time
We can quit. We can run.

But I wait
I know its been this way for years
And I wait
Track Name: The Prestige
Can we get up and try again?
Is there a way to make it back then?
Who am I to tell you how to live?
Just let it go and give in

I can’t breathe
I can’t sleep
I can’t breathe
I can’t

We’ll find our way back home
And if we don’t, we know which way to go
It’s always been the same way
It just depends on how

I never thought it could be this bad
There’s nothing left below me
I’m feeling trapped in my own head
Just let it go and give in

I can’t breathe
I can’t sleep
I can’t breathe
I can’t

We’ll find our way back home
And if we don’t, we know which way to go
It’s always been the same way
It just depends on how